Fashion Or Function?

First blog on the new website & a first blog for me in general. Going to start off with a watch related article, infact i'm going to pose a question.

Fashion or Function?

The store has been selling luxury watches for around 7 years now & something i've often wondered is what percentage of Rolex, we'll stick to Rolex's for now, users actually used their specific model for function? As a brand Rolex have models specifically designed for fields such as Diving, Racing & Sailing amongst others.  

Sea Dweller 4000

Take this Sea Dweller 4000,(pictured below) for me it's about the look. I have no intentions, nor any need for using any of the watches specific features. For function in this case would you spend £7,600 on a watch for diving? I doubt the people at Rolex will care much for how you decide to use the watch after you've bought it but then who knows.


One of the most iconic models is the stainless steel Daytona.(pictured below)


With its chronograph feature used as a stop watch to track individual lap times. Rolex have since  discontinued the 116520 making it an even more desirable piece to have in your collection. Now i know more than one person to own the watch however none of them are race car drivers. Which takes us back to my original question, is it Fashion or Function? 

I could go on... Sailors & the Yacht-Master or the Milgauss used by scientists working near high magnetic field. Now look, i get it, totally i do. The work and expertise that goes into making a luxury watch is amazing take nothing away from the watchmaker & fo, all the watch buffs probably spitting coffee all over work desks and laptops reading this. Im just going to come right out & say it....Despite the function and how intricate they may be i'm going for fashion. It's about how it looks on your wrist not how far under water i can take it. Just my opinion though. 

Time to pack up. MC.

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